Important Qualities for a Kids Special Needs Dentist to Have

Kids Special Needs Dentist Phoenix, AZ

Finding the right kids special needs dentist can make going for dental appointments less stressful and even fun. Pediatric dentists have four years of additional training about how to prevent, diagnose, and treat dental issues that affect children. They also get additional training on how to treat kids with special needs.

What to look for in a kids special needs dentist

Not everyone has what it takes to provide high-level dental care for children with special needs. The additional training that a kids special needs dentist has helps address the needs of children with various disorders, behavioral issues, and physical disabilities. Here are the main qualities that you should be looking for when seeking out a special needs dentist.

Training with treating children with special needs

The ideal dentist for a child with special needs should be someone who primarily focuses on working on children with special needs. These professionals have all the tools and equipment needed for people with special needs, they have the skills needed to treat them, and they understand the level of compassion needed to make the experience as stress-free as possible. A kids special needs dentist can also educate the parents of special needs children to teach them effective oral care techniques that they can use at home.

Provides sedation for children

Some special needs children might need general anesthesia so they can get more complicated treatments. Parents should visit a dentist who can handle all levels of sedation and has the required certifications and equipment.

Performs procedures designed for children with special needs

A pediatric dentist uses all tools available to make routine treatments, like extractions or root canals, as straightforward as possible. These treatments can be performed with or without sedatives.

Has experience

Some of the skills that a pediatric dentist uses can only be learned on the job. Skills like compassion and knowing the right things to say to help a child relax require real-life experience to master.

Has the right staff

A pediatric dentist’s staff members are just as important because they also spend time interacting with patients. An office that is staffed with warm, caring people creates a more calming environment for a child with special needs.

The importance of finding the right dentist

Children with special needs often have a harder time learning how to properly take care of their teeth, and dental appointments can easily turn into a nightmare for them if you take them to the wrong dentist. Working with special needs children requires a level of patience that many pediatric dentists have. Children can sense when people get frustrated with them, and that can lead to worse behavior. A pediatric dentist sets the right mood for the appointment and says the right things to reassure the child. Their clinics are staffed with kid-friendly equipment, so the child is less likely to be freaked out by them. Give us a call or visit our Phoenix clinic to set up an appointment with our pediatric dentist.

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