Ask a Pediatric Dentist: When Should My Child Get a Baby Root Canal?

Baby Root Canal Phoenix, AZ

Understanding when a child needs a baby root canal is important, as timely dental treatment is essential. Pediatric dentists have undergone the additional education and training needed to understand how to properly treat children so they can have good oral health.

Is a pediatric dentist the right choice?

Thinking a baby root canal can be performed by any type of dentist? While any dentist can perform a root canal on children, pediatric dentists also understand how to make children feel both comfortable and safe when undergoing certain dental treatments. The fact that this type of dentist is specially trained to deal with children makes it a great idea for parents to choose a pediatric dentist for their child. Pediatric dentists treat children until they reach the age of 18, which allows them to be under the care of the same dentist for many years.

About baby root canals

Once parents learn that their child is in need of baby root canal therapy, they will often have questions. Examples of questions include: Are root canals safe, when are they needed and what happens during a root canal procedure? Asking these questions to a pediatric dentist allows parents to feel more comfortable about this necessary procedure that saves teeth. While some parents may think that saving one of a child’s first set of teeth is not that important, it really is as healthy primary teeth support healthy secondary teeth.

A basic description of root canal therapy is that it requires the removal of the affected tooth’s pulp and then the tooth is covered by a crown to make the tooth stronger. This type of dental procedure thus needs to be performed whenever one of a child’s teeth is inflamed, infected or damaged. Once a tooth is damaged, whether it be due to too much decay or being involved in some type of accident, undergoing a root canal is necessary in order to save the tooth.

If an infected or damaged tooth is not treated in a timely manner, the infection can potentially spread throughout the mouth, as well as throughout the body. If a damaged tooth ends up falling out of a child’s mouth, there is no longer a tooth in place to support the ability for the secondary tooth to grow in properly. Damaged teeth can also cause a child to experience various levels of pain, which can be avoided by their undergoing root canal therapy to improve the overall health of their mouth.

Need to make a baby root canal appointment?

Now that the above information has been read and understood, parents know the importance of having their child treated in a timely manner. Pediatric dentists are able to address a large number of dental-related problems in children, making this type of dental professional one many parents are choosing to treat their child. Contact us with any questions, we are here to help.

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